Air Circulation is pleased to present Buccaneer, Masquerade, Suspense; Abundance, Thorn, Champion, an exhibition of new works by Brice Brown.  This multi-part, site-specific installation presents a fragmented experience of the still life genre as a way to explore the dichotomous impulses inherent in the act of domestication: containment and freedom; restraint and release; a need for chaos and a need for order. Brown uses The Batsford Colour Book of Roses (1962) and pages from an early 20th century fruit seed catalogue as source material for an almost overwhelming array of archival pigment prints, wallpaper design, and soft sculpture. He remixes and jams together images to create layered works that are arranged around the gallery in a controlled yet improvisational way, reinforcing the tension that occurs when something wild is being corralled.  Embedded in the composition of most of these works are references to the letterhead design by early 20th-century artists such as Piet Zwart, Kurt Schwitters, and Henyrk Berlewi. Through this, Brown draws an analogy between the attempt to wrestle language into an orderly system with the attempt to domesticate, and hunts at the possibility of experiencing still life as language.